Thanks for the awesome photo shoot, Michell Quance!

Hello old friends and new and welcome to my blog! A few years ago, my three boys, my husband and I moved from Toronto, population 6, 625,695, and the largest city in Canada, to Fonthill, a very small town in Niagara, with a population so unremarkable, I can’t find it on the internet. In fact, the only pertinent information about Fonthill is that it is 127 kilometres from Toronto.

Before I go on, I must mention that the members of my family are very private people, so it’s hard to write a blog, which will definitely include them, without exposing them. Therefore, the best I can do is to give them pseudonyms. My boys are: Mind-the eldest and oh-so smart; Body–the middle and full of grace and athleticism; and Spirit–the youngest, with the heart of a lion. While they are each so much more than this one descriptor, if you knew them, the association would be easily apparent. My husband shall be Heart–the life force behind all that we do. Heart is anxiously awaiting the consequences of this new blogging endeavour.

So, Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit and I have set up camp in Fonthill. We thought we’d find a simpler life out here but, like so many of you, no matter where we are, we are still a one float parade, careening out of control, down the path of life. During our occasional pitstops, I’ll be writing about our (mostly hilarious) adventures, along with observations on motherhood, sisterhood, friendship-hood, spouse-hood and daughterhood, along with life in my new hood and beyond. Hope you can find time to jump on board and join us!