At the Pool Without Marco or Polo

eldorado1Just spent a week in Mexico. This is no surprise to most of you but anyone who has kids knows how great it is to travel…without them! I love them dearly but going away with hubby to celebrate our 25th (yes, again) was AMAZING! Of course we didn’t feel right about going somewhere without our kids then hang around other people’s kids so we went adult- only. Not only was it just for grown-ups but it was also all-inclusive and gourmet! I’m talking 5-star dining–not buffet dining where you see dinner from the night before reincarnated as lunch the next day. The Eldorado Royale in the Riviera Maya is a piece of heaven. dorado2They even surprised us with a candlelight dinner on the beach and had the bugs removed–very thoughtful and not sure how they do it.

We took a tour to the ruins in Tulum and swam in underground caves (cenotes) which were a shocking 60 degrees–that’s just 30 degrees colder than our pool but sporting blue lips were worth the adventure. Despite witnessing a civilization created before Christ, all of Peter’s pictures were of the iguanas who lived there. No accounting for taste.

Peter Versus the Iguana

Thanks to big sister for taking care of the kids. Luckily we’ve got 25 years to think about where to go for our 50th…perhaps all we can hope is that we have beds in the same hospital room.

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