There’s No Place Like Home

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We’re Back…Again

After another hiatus, I’m back and ready to jump back into the blog; my sub-conscious actually typed “fog” instead of “blog” which is often a more appropriate landing spot, jumping into the fog. Now that’s corrected, let’s see what’s going on…oh, I published my book, There’s No Place Like Home! It snuck up on me and suddenly I found eight boxes of them on my doorstep! With my sister, Anne, and my friend/tech advisor/business manager, Linda, off we went, planning four book launches–two in Niagara and two in Toronto. All were well-attended and I was so appreciative of the support. The feedback so far has been super positive, although I understand that those who didn’t like it would not likely let me know, so thanks for keeping that to yourselves. 

Marketing and self-promotion is not really my thing, but it is a necessary thing. In that regard, here is a link to my website AND I’m asking anyone who’s read There’s No Place Like Home to write a review on any of the sites where its sold: Goodreads, Chapters Indigo, Amazon, etc.  If you scroll to the bottom of any of these sites, there is a comments section. Thanks in advance!

chapters indigo


Friesenpress Bookstore


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