Day One!

IMG_2525Hello Everyone! Ace and I would like to welcome you to our very first post. Ace is a lap cat who makes it difficult for me to write, but he’s decent company, especially when he gives me this frontal view, which is his best side. Some days I’m not so lucky. Ignoring my cluttered desk, you may also notice a Starbucks cup; I have to drive 13 kilometres to get that sweet elixir since moving to small town, Canada a couple of years ago. When I lived in Toronto, I could walk to 4 of them within 10 minutes. It would take me 2 hours and 37 minutes to walk to the one which served me this non-fat London Fog, which is a drag, given that I’m a full-on Starbucks Junkie. The other big news today is that I stupidly signed up for a direct grocery service and am awaiting my first shipment. This isn’t one of those weekly services which brings you fresh, organic produce; no, this one makes 2 deliveries…per year! That’s right, I’ll be receiving 6 months worth of meat and packaged goods in a few hours, so I have to find room for my own in-house 7-Eleven. As part of the sales pitch, they even loan me a meat freezer to help me store it. Let me know if you need any Italian Sausage or toilet paper. And bye-bye Costco!

And, since, we have a night off sports tonight, my sister, my boys, Body and Spirit (see home page), and I are off to see my favourite musical, Mama Mia in Hamilton, Ont.  Opa!







BTW, This is the view I usually get.


8 thoughts on “Day One!”

  1. All the best Jane! This is amazing and you are hilarious! Keep tapping the Keyboard!!
    Do you still give blood!?
    Funny you encountered that many squirters in one!
    I love the names for the boys!
    Will follow
    Love Jo-Anne


  2. Hi Jane. Thanks so much for sharing. What an awesome piece and sooo true!! Congrats on being published…well deserved!!


  3. What a wonderful and hilarious article. I so concur with your thoughts on the subject (likewise Father’s Day)
    Good luck


  4. Hi Jane 2
    I love your post.. After 6 months you will return the freezer & return to Costco to shop. I’ve been there done that. Also loved you Mother’s Day Lament. Body, Mind & Spirit sure beats Tom, Dick & Harry
    I am a friend/former BCS student of your father in law Bob. I will explain that later in an email


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