It’s a Big Day!

mamalodeGood morning! Today is a big day because today the online parenting magazine Mamalode is publishing my article, Why I Don’t Buy Into Mother’s Day. It’s a fun, although perhaps controversial article, that I’d love for you to read and comment on if good humour (or ire) strikes you. Find it here:

4 thoughts on “It’s a Big Day!”

  1. Jane: really enjoyed the piece, and wanted you to know that it’s much, much easier to not do the buy-in when you were raised by parents who frowned on “Hallmark holidays”, as they called them, and asked us to simply be good to them all year long. I’m about to sit down to marking and planning. Body (I do like those names) is out mountain-biking with friends, Mind should be home soon from dog-sitting for a neighbour, and spouse has gone off to paddle with a friend. I’d rather be outside, but this quiet time is also a gift.


  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Lisa. I’m really not against the holiday as it was intended, just as it’s become. Good luck with your marking! You’re in the home stretch now!


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