Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Happy

IMG_2537-1Who wouldn’t be happy to receive an anniversary card like this one? Thanks to Heart (my hubby).

Do you ever come across one of those people who is so damned happy because everything is going so well that you want to just say “I get it! Things are good. Now, shut up already while I try to justify spending $6.99 on a loaf of gluten free bread for my daughter, who doesn’t need to eat gluten free but prefers the texture! ” It’s like Jerry Seinfeld commenting on a McDonald’s sign, exaggerating (paraphrasing), “‘McDonald’s hamburgers– over a hundred million, kajillion trillion sold.’ We get it–you’re doing very well.”

I do apologize that today I am that happy girl, the Pharrell Williams kind of Happy who comes across squeaky annoying. Some of you may be feeling guilty for quietly hoping that something terrible will happen to disrupt this euphoria, and I understand those fleeting thoughts can creep unexpectedly into your sub-conscious. I have them too frequently about one of my cats when he lies on my clean laundry and gets hair all over it (I won’t tell you which one in case something happens to him). But for now, as only a true Canadian can, I must say,  I’m sorry. But I’m happy. And I hope you are, or can be soon.

IMG_2532Why, you may ask, am I dancing in the kitchen? Aside from being published in Mamalode on the weekend,, my first husband, (Heart) and I celebrated our 25 year wedding anniversary. 25 years! In a row! Heart doesn’t like the high’s to be too high or low’s too low so he’s neutral about these milestones, but I’ll ride that wave until I fall off…then watch out for the low and wear a helmut! It’s never pretty.


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