Never Thought I’d be “That” Mom

That thumbtack is approximately where I somehow missed paying a road toll. Not sure I’m allowed back in Pennsylvania.

I used to shake my head at parents who’d drive endless hours for a kids’ sporting event, but last weekend I became “that” mom. Body’s soccer coach thought it would a good bonding experience to go to an “Away Tournament”. He didn’t call it a “Far Away Tournament”.  Nine hours and one time zone later, I arrived in Philadelphia, PA with my son and two teammates in tow. Yes, the boys had a great time and did well in the event. I particularly enjoyed sharing a hotel room with three, 14 year-old boys and their aromatic soccer gear. The pizza, wings and Egg Mcmuffins rounded out the meal plan–and my waistline. And, like any tourist to historic Pennsylvania, we went shopping at the human skull store, where there were some terrific sales!

Thought we recognized someone but the eyeholes were all wrong.

I’m just kidding. this photo came up in images when I typed in Philadelphia! We really only saw the hotel and the soccer pitch, which is a shame, because I thought I kept hearing the Liberty Bell calling my name, but we had to get back, driving through the night, so we would have time to rest up for the soccer game that evening. I am that mom.

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